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Professional property management can make all the difference between failure and success for owners of commercial or residential rental property. To provide a maximum level of benefit, any management firm under your consideration should offer a comprehensive slate of services. Here is a guide to the most important services offered by Space Lift Design, Inc.


1-Attracting & Screening Tenants

Property owners often hire Space Lift Design, Inc. to find suitable tenants for their single- or multi-occupant buildings. To perform this duty at a professional level, we must understand which methods of advertising will draw in sufficient numbers of potential renters. We also understand how to word posted ads in a manner that highlights the appeal of your property. When we are tasked with attracting prospective tenants we always carry out the screening procedures required to separate favorable candidates from unfavorable candidates. Core procedures include credit checks, criminal background checks and checks for a previous history of evictions or other serious issues.


2-Collecting Rents & Fees

Prompt rent payment is the lifeblood of successful property leasing. All owners must have an effective method of rent collection in place. They must also have an effective method of assessing and collecting late fees when rents aren’t paid on time. Space Lift Design, Inc. specializes in scheduled billing and rent collection through state of the art software. In addition, we rely on time-tested methods to identify past-due tenants and assess and collect any stipulated fees.


3-Enforcing Rules

As part of their lease agreements, all tenants of residential and commercial properties pledge to meet their landlords’ stated rules and conditions for occupancy. However, not all parties who make such pledges go on to fulfill their legally binding obligations. Space Lift Design, Inc. conducts regular reviews and inspections that alert you to any developing problems. In the event of a tenant dispute, we also play a vital role in enforcing rules in ways that don’t result in escalating tensions or serious confrontations.


4-Vetting & Hiring Vendors

Many property owners rely on third-party contractors for crucial services such as maintenance and security. Unfortunately, not all vendors in a given city or region provide the same level of service. Some providers have proven track records for quality, affordability and reliability, while many others lack known competence in at least one of these areas. Space Lift Design excels at vetting the credentials of third-party contractors. Our skill and experience can help you avoid serious mistakes that put your tenants and property in jeopardy.


5-Bookkeeping & Record Keeping

To help ensure their profitability, all rental property owners should establish a detailed budget for each of their holdings. Once a budget is in place, they should also stick to its terms as strictly as possible. In addition, owners of rental property must keep clear and accurate records of everything affecting their operation, including income and expenses, tenant leases, rent collection histories, maintenance histories, insurance and repair costs, and inspection histories. Space Lift Design, Inc. simplifies all of these critical tasks by assuming any responsibilities you feel unequipped or unwilling to handle on your own. In addition to keeping complete books and records, we keep you informed of the state of your property through regular reports.


6-Maintaining Effective Communications

Space Lift Design, Inc. trains everyone in our organization to maintain good communications with their property-owning clients. There are two main elements of a successful, reliable manager-client connection. First, we keep you up-to-date on all relevant issues regarding your property. The specific nature of these issues will depend on your needs and your chosen level of management service. In addition, we make it easy for you to contact us when questions or problems arise. Effective communications are also essential when you hire a us to handle on-site issues affecting your tenants. Common examples of these issues include everything from lease signings to enforcement of property rules/norms and eviction proceedings. In addition, we  maintain a convenient system of communications for fielding tenant requests, demands, complaints and emergency situations.


7-Understanding the Law

Space Lift Design, Inc. regularly responds to legal questions or situations that affect their clients or their clients’ tenants. To answer all possible queries and fulfill our professional responsibilities, we must understand the law as it applies to real estate and property rental. A wealth of knowledge in these areas gives us a solid position to tackle issues ranging from tenant agreements and evictions to proper hiring procedures for any required third-party contractors.